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Prenuptial Agreement

In New Jersey, parties can determine their rights and obligations in the event of a divorce prior to getting married.  This is accomplished by negotiating, drafting and executing a Prenuptial Agreement.

A Prenuptial Agreement can address and resolve potentially divisive issues including alimony, premarital real estate or other assets, protecting an interest in a business, or receiving a share of your spouse’s estate.

There are many legal requirements for each Prenuptial Agreement.  These requirements can be confusing if you don’t have guidance from an attorney who knows the law and has negotiated these agreements in the past.

The attorneys at Altman, Legband & Mayrides have extensive experience negotiating and drafting Prenuptial Agreements.

Please contact us if you are contemplating asking your future spouse to sign a Prenuptial Agreement or if you have been presented with such an agreement.