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Coronavirus Update

Dear Clients and Colleagues:

Because our ability to keep our physical law offices open in the near future may be jeopardized,  we wanted to let you know that we are fully prepared to continue to work remotely from our homes.  The safety of our clients , our staff, and our families  are of paramount importance to us.   At the current time, our offices in Skillman, N.J. and Basking Ridge, N.J. remain open.  Should that change suddenly, be assured that you can reach us both by calling the office and leaving a message and by sending us emails.   We think sending emails is the more reliable option.  Accordingly, if you want to speak with any of our lawyers, please send that lawyer an email which contains your phone number and the best time for you to receive a call back.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  We will also do our best to respond to your email inquiries or information.  Email addresses for each lawyer are as follows:

Jane R. Altman  jaltman@almfamilylaw.com

Donna K. Legband  dlegband@almfamilylaw.com

Mark T. Mayrides  mmayrides@almfamilylaw.com

Kate Wood   kwood@almfamilylaw.com

The New Jersey Court System has, of course, been severely impacted and we are monitoring that situation daily.

We hope you, and your family, stay healthy as we all weather this together.

Jane, Donna, Mark and Kate